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More Zoom, More Room and Less to Consume!

Park&Zoom is happy to announce that we have recently added three new, large all-electric shuttles to our shuttle fleet. What does that mean for our customers who use Park&Zoom for airport parking at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)?


Our current fleet of Ultra-Super Low Emissions diesel shuttles and all-electric shuttles is growing which means we will have more shuttles running during peak times. This means faster times between shuttles, so less waiting time!


These new e-shuttles are roomy and larger than our current all-electric shuttles. That means our customers will have more comfort riding to and from the Terminal!


Consume (Less!)

Our new all-electric shuttles are from Phoenix Motorcars, a company whose mission is to “make our planet a better place for everyone.” Park&Zoom continues to make significant efforts to be an environmentally friendly facility with its GREEN initiatives for our shuttles, our on-site water quality and filtration pond, and numerous free electric vehicle charging stations for our customers. One carbon footprint at a time!

So, the next time you need to park at ABIA, come by Park&Zoom. We’re on the airport to Zoom you to and from the Terminal faster, with more Room on our new e-shuttles that Consume less!  And don’t forget, we take reservations!